Victims of Oxycontin Addiction

by Jo on December 20, 2012

Victims of Oxycontin Addiction


The manufacturer of Oxycontin, Purdue Pharma, recently agreed to pay $634.5 million in penalties and fines. In addition to the fines, several former executives of Purdue Pharma agreed to plead guilty to criminal charges. The penalty is one of the largest ever paid by a drug company. However, this does not make up for the deaths caused by this drug and the fact that addiction to it is and epidemic in North America.

Oxycontin as Addictive as Morphine and Heroin


Failure of warnings; increased warnings never worked and the popularity of the drug among drug addicts and novices continued to surge. While Oxycontin is widely abused by drug addicts it has also turned law abiding pain patients into full fledged drug addicts. This drug has not only caused hundreds of deaths but thousands of cases of people committing crimes. The criminal acts are very often committed by people who have never had addiction problems and have clean records and have never been involved in any criminal type of activity until they were legitimately prescribed Oxycontin.

Oxycontin Settlement Breakdown

The settlement between the government and Purdue Pharma does not sufficiently compensate Oxycontin addiction victims. While the company agreed to pay $470 million in fines and payments to a variety of federal and state agencies, they only paid $130 million to settle civil lawsuits. Mark & Associates, P.C. will continue to fight for the victims of Oxycontin addiction.

Prescription Drug Abuse

Any abuse of prescription drugs is a serious problem which is affecting teens, young adults and productive members in today’s society. National studies show that a teen is more likely to abuse prescription drugs than an illegal street drug. Young adults think that because the drug is prescribed by a doctor that it is safe to take no matter whom the drug was originally prescribed for. However, this is not safe and can be more dangerous than taking illegal drugs themselves. When a person takes a prescription drug that is not prescribed to them, they are putting themselves at risk for numerous side effects. The overall common side effect of all prescription drug abuse, sadly, is death. However, prescription drug abuse can be overcome. If you or anyone you know is addicted to drugs or alcohol get help now and take action against substance abuse and addiction.

Crime Rates

Not every drug user commits crimes, however it is very common that a person who has become addicted to drugs will do things that he or she never would have done if they were not addicted. Then the guilt and depression felt by addicts can generate conflicts and arguments between the addict and his or her family. Guilt and depression along with the cravings are the major barriers that must be overcome to reclaim a productive, enjoyable life after addiction. To succeed, rehabilitation must address these barriers that keep addicts trapped in the addiction. Families play such a large role in an addict’s recovery, therefore by openly addressing the situation, you open the door for the addicted person to come clean.

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