Drug Rehab for the Effects of Marijuana

by joan_young on December 2, 2012

Drug Rehab for the Effects of Marijuana


Marijuana has been known as a gateway drug for decades in the United States. It is infamous for its role in music, movie concepts, and even television shows. Many of these songs and shows depict the effects of marijuana in a funny or humorous way. In reality, marijuana effects the body in multiple, and very dangerous, ways. Here are a few examples of the effects that marijuana has for everyone who consumes or smokes it.

The Effects of Marijuana on the Heart

Marijuana can increase the heart rate from 20 to 100 percent shortly after smoking it. This side effect can last up to three hours and can be a major contributor to a heart attack later on in life. This increase in heart rate can be coupled with palpitations caused by the inhalation and effects of the drug. If you already have cardiac problems, smoking marijuana can only make your situation much worse.

The Effects of Marijuana on the Lungs

We know that cigarettes carry a large amount of carcinogens that cause tar and resin build up in the lungs. It’s that build up that can cause lung cancer. According to the U.S. NIDA info facts, marijuana has 50-70 percent more carcinogens than cigarettes. This isn’t necessarily because the plant itself has poisons built into it. It’s because the marijuana smoker will take deeper and longer hits off the drug than a cigarette. The drug user will usually hold in the hit, which all combined, does irreparable damage to your lungs.

Other effects on the lungs include, phlegm build up and more respiratory problems, with more sick days. Marijuana smokers, according to the U.S,. NIDA, miss more work days due to illness from smoking marijuana.

The Effects of Marijuana on Your Brain

Memory is directly effected by smoking marijuana. There is a specific type of memory function being displaced when you smoke marijuana, called recognition memory. Marijuana smokers often forget the information they were just shown, or even mistake it for information they really have never saw before. This short-term memory lapse is called memory intrusion. It can play havoc on a marijuana smoker’s sense of reality.

The Effects of Marijuana on Your Emotions

The two emotions that marijuana has a direct effect on is happiness and anxiety. A marijuana smoker can go from happy and giggles, to completely paranoid in an instant. That’s because the THC is woking away in the mind, affecting the limbic systems within the brain. The limbic systems in the mind is what controls our behavior and emotions. Many college students do find themselves smoking marijuana in the hopes of calming their nerves when they are overloaded by school work. When the drug wears off, the user may find themselves back in the same stressed out state of mind. It is not a long-term solution and can do serious harm to your heart, lungs, and mind.

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