Going Nowhere Fast

by joan_young on December 30, 2012

“Going nowhere fast” is a description of the millions that are on stimulants, particularly methamphetamine. The Meth Task Force has done an excellent job of shining a bright light on the horrors of methamphetamine abuse. Those ugly pictures of some pitiful users are sure to stop a lot of people from ever trying the stuff. […]

Useful Tips for Successful Heroin Rehab

by Jo on December 30, 2012

Useful Tips for Successful Heroin Rehab   A lot of unhealthy habits that are ravaging the human population these days, perhaps, may be attributed to the fast-paced nature of our modern society. The demands of today’s world sometimes take their toll on people such that they find themselves engaged in one noxious habit or the […]

Important Tips for Heroin Rehabilitation

by Jo on December 9, 2012

Important Tips for Heroin Rehabilitation Someone who is addicted to heroin, or a loved one of such an individual, can tell of the nightmarish experience and trying to get the person into a rehabilitation center. Merely seeing someone battling with issues arising from addiction to this drug is enough to tell a sensible person that […]