Drug Rehab

Drug Rehab and Choosing the Right One

by Jo on December 23, 2012

Drug Rehab and Choosing the Right One   The challenges of current times have caused some people to resort to substance use as a way of getting by, thereby exposing themselves to the problem of addiction. And substance abuse comes with many grave consequences, which makes it important to find a way out of it. […]

Drug Addiction Help Line Reaches Across Borders   Simply replacing one form of poison for another only helps the pharmaceutical companies, who already make billions of dollars from this form of re-directed drug addiction. In addition, many of the psychiatric drugs used in drug-based rehab programs have recently been relabeled by the FDA to include […]

Drug Addiction Rehab Facilities – Tips for Choosing the Right One   There are several addiction rehab facilities available these days to face up to the challenges of rising cases of addictions to a variety of substances being witnessed in the society. The number of these facilities sometimes even makes it hard, in a way, […]

Drug Rehab for Meth Use

by joan_young on December 2, 2012

Drug Rehab for Meth Use   The history of meth, otherwise known as methamphetamine, is long and twisted. It was created as long-lasting and effective weight loss drug. It was effective, but also made the user highly addicted. It’s original uses were to lose weight, increase alertness, self-esteem, and sexual libido. It causes these reactions […]

Drug Rehab for the Effects of Marijuana

by joan_young on December 2, 2012

Drug Rehab for the Effects of Marijuana   Marijuana has been known as a gateway drug for decades in the United States. It is infamous for its role in music, movie concepts, and even television shows. Many of these songs and shows depict the effects of marijuana in a funny or humorous way. In reality, […]

Drug Rehab for Cocaine and its Effects on the Human Body What is Cocaine? Cocaine is a crystalline tropane alkaloid that is obtained from the leaves of the coca plant. It’s known as blow, Angie, C, Charlie, crack, coke, flake, hard, freebase, Henry, nose candy, snow, rock or stardust. It is routed to form cocaine […]

Heroin and Oxycontin Addiction Drug Rehab

by joan_young on February 2, 2012

Heroin and Oxycontin Addiction Drug Rehab   It is no secret that Oxycontin abuse has become an epidemic and heroin abuse is on the increase also. In fact, because the drugs are almost identical, Oxycontin has become a gateway drug for heroin – addicts buy heroin when they can’t afford their Oxycontin.