Mood Swings Caused by Cocaine

by Paul on January 21, 2017

Cocaine is a very popular substance among recreational drug users the world over, who crave for that “amazing” feeling of intense happiness. It has been estimated that around 25 million people in the United States will have used the drug a minimum of one time in their lifetime. But a lot more lie behind the much-craved “high” feeling users usually want at all costs. There are numerous dire consequences from the use cocaine, among which are mood swings.

What is a Mood Swing?

cocaine-mood-swingsA mood swing is described as a sudden or extreme change in mood. It can happen at any time and anywhere. Mood swings can be on a low scale or wild in nature.
Many people experience mood swings without any issues whatsoever.
They are considered necessary for the ability to solve problems. Most cases fall in the mild-to-moderate range of fluctuations in emotions. Mood swings only become problematic when they are so intense that they interfere with quality of life or regular activities and relationships.
Nasty swings are characterized by unexpected alternations between feelings of euphoria and depression. A bipolar disorder is suspected when severe mood swings lasts for at least four straight days.

Cocaine Causes Mood Swings

There are several factors that could cause mood swings to occur. They are mostly associated with bipolar disorder and clinical depression. Conditions that disrupt the functions of the nervous system, such as autism and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), are also among possible causative factors. In addition, the abuse of drugs such as cocaine has been identified among the many things that can trigger mood swings.
How does cocaine cause mood swings? It is no secret that this popular recreational drug alters brain chemistry. Imbalances in one or several neurotransmitters in your brain can cause significant oscillations in your mood. When the levels of serotonin and norepinephrine in the brain are knocked out of balance, even slightly, you could find yourself battling with mood swings.
Cocaine can make you a hard person to relate with due to dramatic mood swings. One moment you find yourself in a state of intense happiness and the next you descend into a state of paranoia or depression. With cocaine use, you are hardly your normal self as the drug will virtually be pushing you between two extremes of feelings, depending on whether you have had your fix or not.

You Expose Yourself to Significant Risks with Cocaine Use

The coca extract is a very dangerous substance to use. The danger goes well beyond just uncontrollable mood swings. It predisposes you to some serious health conditions such as psychosis, stroke and heart attack. The danger increases when it is combined with other drugs. A combination of cocaine and alcohol can be highly lethal. The recreational drug is mostly injected and this creates room for possible hepatitis and HIV infections when needles are shared – that happens often when a group of abusers are together.
Cocaine can turn you to a stranger before your loved ones as a result of mood swings that makes it hard for them to see the “normal” you. It is highly addictive thereby making it hard for you to wean yourself off it without assistance. This explains why you see many users continue using it even when they become aware of inherent dangers.

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