Meth Facts

by Jo on December 15, 2012

Meth Addiction

Meth, or methamphetamine is a synthetic drug sold in powder, chunks, or medicinal form. First developed as a treatment for obesity and other illnesses, the substance has been classified under Schedule II, for its high potential as an abused medication.

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Meth is known by various street names like ice, speed, chalk, zip or cristy. Domestically produced in the United States, meth is rampantly distributed in California, as well as the Pacific Northwest areas. In 1990, use of the substance peaked and the drug epidemic has been attributed to gangs and organized groups, as well as “mom and pop” laboratories, such as the kitchen, garage, barn or backyard, operated by the users themselves.

Making Meth

There are several ways meth is enhanced, as recipes and mixes are varied and diverse.

Others add precursors or compounds to the product, which develops into a whole new kind of drug that could be more lethal if someone gets addicted.

Cost of Meth

Purchase of meth varies depending on the purity of the product and the source. Imports are decidedly more expensive.  Approximates come to about $100 to $150 per gram.

Users of Meth

According law enforcers, the numbers of arrests involving meth users are more rampant among high school and college kids, between the ages of 18 to 30 years old. But some have caught offenders as young as 14 years old.

It doesn’t matter whether the user is from the rural or the urban areas, and if she’s gainfully employed or without a job. The statistics are almost equal in these cases.

It is observed, however, that women are more likely to be addicted to meth than men, since the male population’s preference is cocaine.

Students and athletes are more likely to try meth for the first time, as it can help with their mental and physical performances. Workers use this to cope with double or triple shifts, since the drug is a stimulant that heightens the physical and mental senses of the body. Women use meth to lose weight, while others try it at rave parties for the “buzz” and the “energy.”

Additionally, meth is a lot less expensive than other illegal substances, which makes getting hooked with it a lot easier.

Effects of Meth

Ingested orally or snorted through the nose, meth can alter the mood minutes after the drug is taken. Users described the feeling of “high” as extremely pleasurable and such high can actually last up to 30 minutes.

Like many illegal drugs, meth targets the central with each and every use. When meth is taken for a very long time, the drug can result in behavioral changes that could have permanent effects.  Physical consequences to long-term use can lead to stroke, brain, kidney and liver damage, and death.

Effects of overdose

As little as 50 milligrams of meth can kill a user, especially for someone whose body has yet to develop a tolerance for it.

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