Four Signs of Alcoholism

by Jo on February 10, 2014

Alcoholism is synonymous with dependence on alcohol to feel good. It is usually characterized by excessive consumption of drinks and those involved are helpless to do anything about it, even when this may be affecting their loved ones.

What Really is Alcoholism?


As previously noted, alcoholism connotes dependence on alcohol, which is why it is sometimes referred to as alcohol dependence syndrome. Individuals suffering from this condition usually find it quite difficult to refrain from taking alcoholic drinks at every available opportunity.  Alcoholism is a somewhat serious problem in the United States where more than 10 percent of adult population is chronic drinkers. It, therefore, becomes essential that you take every step to ensure your loved ones are kept from counting as alcoholics. But then, you may ask: what are the signs of alcoholism that one should pay special attention to?

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1. Excessive and Frequent Drinking

Obviously, the most visible sign of alcoholism is excessive drinking. This becomes more worrisome when it occurs on a frequent basis. You may likely be wondering what amount of drinks could be considered excessive. Drinking to a state of stupor or incoherence in speech and/or decisions should be considered as being excessive. If you see any of your loved ones using alcohol in this manner, with this happening everyday or on most days in a week, it is very likely that they have a problem of alcoholism to deal with.


2. Anxiety

This is another of the worrisome signs of alcoholism that have to be taken seriously. Anxiety will often be noticed in an alcoholic in situations that do not justify such a reaction or mood. Any slightly unfavorable situation is enough to make some alcoholics become highly uneasy. This anxiety or disturbed mood could also play up when those who have become dependent on alcohol are unable to get a couple of drinks to satisfy their craving at a point in time.


3. Desire for Alcohol at Social Events

Another way through which you may be able to ascertain if a loved one is suffering from alcoholism is their response to invitations to attend social event. For instance, you are likely to hear someone with drinking problem asking if alcoholic drinks will be available when invited to attend a social event. Also, when someone suggests a particular place where drinks are freely served as a great spot for fun, it could be a sign that alcoholism is creeping in.

4. Easily Irritated

 If someone you knew to be cool and patient over time transformed into an easily irritated person, alcoholism is probably to be blamed. The effects alcohol produced on an alcoholic’s nervous system tend to make him or her behave irrationally when there is no justification for such behavior.


These are just few out of the possible signs of alcoholism. While appearance of any of these signs may not entirely be indicative of alcohol abuse, it is important to pay attention to them as likely signs of issues. Should you find out that your loved one, or even you, has fallen victim of alcoholism, all hope is not lost. There are professional experts that could lend a hand in helping you to overcome such a challenge.

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