Facts and Potentially Fatal Effects of Cocaine Abuse

by joan_young on December 2, 2012

Cocaine abuse is a common problem in America and most prominent amongst urban communities.  Why? Because cocaine is affordable and can be easily administered in several ways.

There are 3 common avenues used when administering cocaine to the body:

  1. snorting
  2. needle injection and
  3. smoking

Snorting is the process where the user inhales cocaine powder through his or her nose.  Normally  a user will put their nose to the line of cocaine and inhale the drug. Sometimes short straws or rolled up paper money, with a small opening is used to inhale it through.  When the drug gets in contact with the nasal tissues, it is absorbed and from there it gets in the bloodstream.

Getting a high via needle injection allows the cocaine to be introduced into the user’s  bloodstream faster. This is done by mixing the powder with a little bit of water.  This is a more direct avenue for a quick high. Because junkies tend to share their equipment without thinking twice, the chances of contracting AIDS from sharing a needle is extremely high.  Many knowingly spread sexually transmitted diseases due to their view of human worth being very low. Thus, when they share a needle, they have no regard of what they are spreading … they simply want to experience a high.

Smoking cocaine involves inhaling cocaine vapor or smoke into the lungs. This is done by crystallizing the powder, putting it into a type of pipe, then heating it in order to inhale the vapor straight into the bloodstream. This procedure causes as rapid a high as injecting the liquid and is equally as addicting and deadly.

It is a known fact that the high from using cocaine is more intense if the drug is quickly absorbed by the bloodstream and reaches the brain. This is why some of the methods to administer cocaine are more ‘effective’ – for example smoking and injecting deliver the drug quicker to the bloodstream than snorting. However, the quicker the drug is absorbed, the shorter time the effects from it last. Cocaine users report that after snorting, they have the euphoria sensation for quarter of an hour to one hour, while after smoking they feel the euphoria for just 10 minutes if that.

This can have very dangerous results, as the shorter the euphoria lasts, the sooner the addict will feel the need to have more from the drug. Taking higher and higher doses within short periods of time is called “bingeing” and is the cause of a high percentage of overdose deaths.

Most of the cocaine addicts that take their first hit are simply trying to escape their individual reality for a plethora of possible reasons: poor living conditions, bad environmental situations, being abused at home, loss of loved ones, not being accepted by peers at any given age, laid off from work and cannot get a job, etc.

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