Effective Drug Treatment – Usefulness and Options

by Jo on December 27, 2012

Effective Drug Treatment – Usefulness and Options


heroinThe frequency of addiction problems in our society today is quite troubling and has necessitated having effective drug treatment to help abusers break away from unnecessary and dangerous drug addiction. The rate at which addiction issues keep surfacing in today’s world is a serious source of concern; it is particularly worrisome in terms of the unpleasant effects that are associated with it.

Seriousness of Drug Addiction Today

One may not be exactly wrong by likening drug addiction to a serious disease — a brain disease. It is characterized by uncontrollable and unreasonable craving for drugs. Drug addiction affects certain parts of the brain such as those responsible for learning and memory as well as the portion responsible for reward and motivation; and once, cerebral function is compromised, some irregularities should be expected.

One thing with drug addiction is that most people experiencing it oftentimes fail to take steps to seek drug treatment. Going by the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) carried out by SAMHSA in 2007, more than 9 percent of the total population in the United States, comprising people aged 12 years and older, were classified to be in need of drug treatment. Only slightly above 10 percent of these people needing treatment actually made attempt to get help at treatment facilities, with the rest leaving themselves exposed to serious problems.

Importance of Drug Treatment

Drug addiction often spirals out of control; expectedly so. While only a small amount of a particular drug may be used at the initial stage, but when addiction starts to set in more is used. Once dependency has come into play, there is little that can be done by affected persons to check their drug abuse. Drug taking becomes a compulsive habit such that addicts are forced to use drugs in spite of being aware of the fact that the consequences of their actions may be regrettable. Aside the physical damage that drug abuse can cause, it alters the normal functioning of abuser’s brain. Drug treatment is therefore needed to avert all grave dangers staring addicts in the face.

Getting Drug Treatment

It is very easy for an individual to entrap himself or herself in drug addiction, but breaking the habit is rather complicated. Withdrawal is not as simple for an addict as saying they will just stop drug use and that will be it; the resulting symptoms are enough to make them run back to the substances they must have been trying to eliminate their use. Drug treatment is better handled by medical experts.

Usually, the first step toward rehabilitation is detoxification whereby residues of drugs are removed from the body. The process is a somewhat difficult one and, as such, has to be performed by experts, preferably at a drug treatment facility.

Detoxification in itself is not sufficient for recovery; some other treatment options have to be incorporated. Multidimensional family therapy, group therapy, 12-step program and counseling are some of the other treatment options that addicts get to benefit from drug treatment centers with chances of relapse reduced.

Frank Lavario January 13, 2013 at 7:48 pm

It is important to understand that relapse is likely to happen and that it is a great OPPORTUNITY to speed up the healing process after rehab. There is so much that former addicts can learn from relapse – good therapies will prepare them for this.

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