Cocaine and Crack Cocaine

by Jo on February 20, 2012

Cocaine and Crack Cocaine

If you are struggling with cocaine addiction then that struggle can itself be the source of constant stress.
And if anyone in your life is addicted and struggling with cocaine/crack addiction then you understand and can see the devastating destruction which  is not limited to the person addicted but will definitely extend to those who love the person as well.
On both accounts, part of the stress felt is derived from simply not knowing what to do about crack addiction. When it seems like there is no logical reason for this travesty to happen and simultaneously it seems like there is no immediate solution to handle the cocaine addiction competently then the result can be personal and societal overwhelms and stress.

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The Inca People

This educational series is designed to assist with a part of the overall stress of not understanding why cocaine addiction is occurring. With this in mind we begin the history of drug use with an historical view of one of the planets strongest enemies, cocaine and crack cocaine.
Coca predates written history in Peru and all of South America. The Spaniards invaded and conquered the Inca people, took over the coca production in the area and forced the native Incas to toil in the silver mines to haul silver down the high Andes Mountains to be exported back to the mother Country.

Ban on Coca

Of course the reason for the purchase of coca was to sustain the energy needed to perform their work. As radical as it might first appear, the Inca people were spending most of the money they could make to purchase coca which facilitated working more to make more money to buy more coca. The Catholic Church of the day tried to seek a ban on the use and abuse of coca having discovered the enslavement that followed its use. However, learning that coca was the #1 industry in Peru as well as the only method of getting the Inca people to work in the silver mines, they promptly denied the ban on coca.

Christian Crusades

Many more Christian Crusades followed over the years with religious leaders attempting to make the travesties of coca use and abuse end through banning its sale and each one would fail due to the large profits that were being made by the very sale it sought to ban.
It is clear that even as far back as the early 15th century, addiction and the profits born out of controlling drugs and then selling them to those addicted was in full bloom. The similarities to our current predicaments over cocaine/drug use and abuse versus the profits made by its sale are horrifying and will be included in the coming segments of this history of drugs series.

Drug Rehab and Government Reform

The government seems to be so involved with war on drugs, that most people fail to see how they are actually causing and spreading addiction. Before we can win the war on drugs and widespread addiction and have proper drug rehabs we need to reform the government.

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