Cocaine And Crack Cocaine Use in Canada

by Jo on December 17, 2012

Cocaine And Crack Cocaine Use in Canada


Cocaine and crack are serious drugs, taking the lives of thousands annually all over the world and ruining the lives of even more. Crack cocaine use has been prevalent in Canada for decades. Crack cocaine use is said to be the “driving force” behind most crimes in Canada. It is also a known factor in murders on the streets, and is also attributed to the loss of millions of dollars in health care, loss of productivity in work places and also stolen property in different parts of Canada.

Use of Crack Cocaine

Addiction is said to be a deciding factor behind most of the crimes committed on the streets, or in homes.
It stems from the addicted person using up all of their money and resources in order to acquire the drug, and then becoming “parasites” on other persons as a way to finance their habit. Calgary is known also as a “coke city”. Police statistics show that between 80 and 90% of the crimes committed in Calgary can be attributed to the use of crack cocaine.

Crimes Associated with Addiction

Vancouver and also Edmonton that are in close proximity to Calgary are also known to be infested with drug addicts and pushers. Crack cocaine is as big a problem as marijuana, in terms of addiction. Police statistics in different parts of Canada shows that in 2009 there were 906 arrests associated with crack. This is in comparison with 916 related to marijuana during the same period. The effects of the crimes associated with these addictions are widespread and felt by many persons throughout Canada. Crack cocaine usage is described as “another epidemic” and is costing the city money in trying to control the wide spectrum of crimes it is attributed to on a daily basis, and also trying to curb the use among users of the narcotic.

Drugs and Sexually Transmitted Diseases

In the year 1911, Canada had passed laws prohibiting the importing, selling, manufacturing and usage of cocaine. The decline was evident in the preceding years as a result of these laws. When the cost for cocaine was considered to be too high by the users, the cheaper alternative, the crack cocaine was made available to them. The use and addiction of crack cocaine can lead, but are not limited to the following; teenage pregnancy, theft, murder, sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV and AIDS.

Drugs Cause Paranoia Among Users

Crack cocaine is also known as a “feel good” drug, it is considered a hallucinogen and it also promotes paranoia among users. The addiction can be devastating for those who are addicted. In Canada alone, it is estimated that a high percentage of crack users are aged 15 years and older.  This translates to mean that a high percentage of kids are trying drugs while they are still in school. Once the student advances to high school he or she is almost guaranteed to get started on drugs by the older kids who are more experienced.

Danny Tim December 14, 2012 at 1:49 am

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