Meth Facts

by Jo on December 15, 2012

Meth Addiction Meth, or methamphetamine is a synthetic drug sold in powder, chunks, or medicinal form. First developed as a treatment for obesity and other illnesses, the substance has been classified under Schedule II, for its high potential as an abused medication. Personal relationships bipolar Disorder apps of aging but viral culture involves. hiustalojes.fi buy […]

Tips on Using Drug Rehab Centers for Eliminating Unhealthy Addiction Drug addiction could, perhaps, be described as one of the most terrible nightmares that an individual can ever experience. I mean it is like sinking in a quicksand and being unable to do anything on one’s own to save oneself from a frightening death. Once […]

What is Addiction?

by Jo on December 15, 2012

What is Addiction? When talking about addiction, it is a possibility that the particular thing to which an individual is addicted to may not be immediately known. However, it is common that what may come to an individual’s mind at the mention of addiction is that with regards to drugs or substances like cocaine, heroin, […]

UN's 2011 World Drug Rehabilitation Report

by Jo on December 14, 2012

UN’s 2011 World Drug Report as Confirmation of Urgent Need for Heightened Drug Rehabilitation and Education Efforts Newly released United Nations report warns that the network of drug cartels now reaches into every corner of the planet and that corruption, addiction and death accompanies drug trafficking wherever it goes. Every year, the United Nations Office […]

Some Available Options for Rehabilitation

by Jo on December 12, 2012

Some Available Options for Rehabilitation   It is not a new issue when talking about the phenomenon of drug abuse and the unpleasant consequences that usually results. In a bid to curtail this malady, rehabilitation has come to the forefront in efforts toward getting rid of addiction. What about rehabilitation? Rehabilitation can be taken to […]

Important Tips for Heroin Rehabilitation

by Jo on December 9, 2012

Important Tips for Heroin Rehabilitation Someone who is addicted to heroin, or a loved one of such an individual, can tell of the nightmarish experience and trying to get the person into a rehabilitation center. Merely seeing someone battling with issues arising from addiction to this drug is enough to tell a sensible person that […]

Drug Addiction Rehab Facilities – Tips for Choosing the Right One   There are several addiction rehab facilities available these days to face up to the challenges of rising cases of addictions to a variety of substances being witnessed in the society. The number of these facilities sometimes even makes it hard, in a way, […]

Drug Rehab for Meth Use

by joan_young on December 2, 2012

Drug Rehab for Meth Use   The history of meth, otherwise known as methamphetamine, is long and twisted. It was created as long-lasting and effective weight loss drug. It was effective, but also made the user highly addicted. It’s original uses were to lose weight, increase alertness, self-esteem, and sexual libido. It causes these reactions […]

Drug Rehab for the Effects of Marijuana

by joan_young on December 2, 2012

Drug Rehab for the Effects of Marijuana   Marijuana has been known as a gateway drug for decades in the United States. It is infamous for its role in music, movie concepts, and even television shows. Many of these songs and shows depict the effects of marijuana in a funny or humorous way. In reality, […]

Drug Rehab for Cocaine and its Effects on the Human Body What is Cocaine? Cocaine is a crystalline tropane alkaloid that is obtained from the leaves of the coca plant. It’s known as blow, Angie, C, Charlie, crack, coke, flake, hard, freebase, Henry, nose candy, snow, rock or stardust. It is routed to form cocaine […]

Facts and Potentially Fatal Effects of Cocaine Abuse

by joan_young on December 2, 2012

Cocaine abuse is a common problem in America and most prominent amongst urban communities.  Why? Because cocaine is affordable and can be easily administered in several ways.

Cocaine and Crack Cocaine

by Jo on February 20, 2012

Cocaine and Crack Cocaine If you are struggling with cocaine addiction then that struggle can itself be the source of constant stress. And if anyone in your life is addicted and struggling with cocaine/crack addiction then you understand and can see the devastating destruction which  is not limited to the person addicted but will definitely […]

OxyContin Addiction and Abuse

by Jo on February 17, 2012

OxyContin Addiction and Abuse According to the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), prescription drug abuse corresponds with nearly 30 percent of the overall problem with drugs in the United States. This is a close second to only one street drug, cocaine. The number one prescribed drug that hits the streets most often, because doctors prescribed it […]

354 Million Prescriptions

by Jo on February 16, 2012

354 Million Prescriptions   National statistics indicate addiction to prescription drugs such as Oxycontin are higher than ever. Oxycontin is a name for a well known opioid analgesic that contains an active ingredient named Oxycodone, and this is also available as part of Percocet & Percodan. Oxycontin, a legal drug prescribed by doctors in cases […]

Drug Rehab is the Smart Choice

by Jo on February 4, 2012

Drug Rehab is the Smart Choice Drug rehab, also referred to as drug rehabilitation, is an effective process whereby drug addicts are assisted in getting over their addiction. It is very essential when one calls to mind the high incidence of substance dependency that is being experienced today with the problems that are associated with […]

Marijuana: Is it Really a Drug?

by joan_young on February 2, 2012

What is marijuana? Marijuana is a dangerous drug because it kills a person’s energy, ambitions and goals. It is toxic to the body and the brain and in extreme cases can even cause users to hear voices. It burns of the vitamins in the brain which then causes depression, anxiety, stress and sleep problems. It […]

Heroin and Oxycontin Addiction Drug Rehab

by joan_young on February 2, 2012

Heroin and Oxycontin Addiction Drug Rehab   It is no secret that Oxycontin abuse has become an epidemic and heroin abuse is on the increase also. In fact, because the drugs are almost identical, Oxycontin has become a gateway drug for heroin – addicts buy heroin when they can’t afford their Oxycontin.