Drug Addiction

Are You Losing a Loved One to Addiction?

by Paul on June 21, 2017

Are You Losing a Loved One to Addiction? It is certainly not an easy thing to watch a loved one become enslaved to drug addiction. Dealing with a person dependent on drug is not a simple thing. This has forced many to leave the affected individuals to themselves to avoid seemingly unproductive stress. Are you […]


Drugs and Depression

by Paul on February 19, 2017

Understanding How Drugs Can Aggravate Depression Depression is the concern of not only the sufferer, but also all those who care about them. Its awful effects are not limited to just the mental aspect of your health; it extends to the physical. A link between this condition and drug abuse has been identified. In what […]


Legal Drugs Overdose

by Paul on February 12, 2017

Overdose Caused by Legal Drugs   The safety of legal or prescription drugs are commonly taken as a given. You are making a mistake if you are one of those that still see them that way! For some time now, legal drugs that were thought to be very safe have been observed to produce sometimes […]

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Numerous deaths have been attributed to drug overdose and even more people are still reported dying from the problem. It affects both young and old and can be the result of different factors. Overdose can happen at any time. What happens when there is a drug overdose and what can you do to deal with […]

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Addiction Causes Personality Changes

by Paul on February 1, 2017

One of the questions that loved ones of people suffering from addiction often find themselves asking is what has happened to that awesome person they used to know. Granted that nothing might have changed physically, drugs can so transform you that your family and friends will find it hard to relate with you as they […]