Addiction and Addiction Treatment

by joan_young on December 30, 2012

Addiction and Addiction Treatment


When talking about addiction, it is a possibility that the particular thing to which an individual is addicted to may not be immediately known. However, it is common that what may come to an individual’s mind at the mention of addiction is that with regards to drugs or substances like cocaine, heroin, alcohol and so many others. It is really not a cool thing for a person to be dependent on any addictive substance as the fallouts from such involvement could possibly spiral out of control, negatively affecting not only the person involved, but also their family and friends at the same time.

Causes and Indications of Addiction

Addiction is actually a disease, a chronic one at that, characterized by compulsive drug seeking behavior. It usually results from the use of certain substances with high tolerance level such as cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin and so on. The tolerance to which reference is being made here is the fact that after the use of these drugs at the initial stage to produce a desired effect, more and more of the drug would be required later on to bring about that same effect. This is where addiction kicks in. An addicted individual, for the most part, will not be his or her usual self without using the drug they are hooked on. Such an individual will often experience rather abnormal craving for the addictive substance and will be ready to do almost anything to lay their hands on it so as to use it.
The unpleasant effects of addiction are not limited to the affected individuals alone; changes in their behavior can also affect their relationships negatively. For example, addicts may become unnecessarily violent at slightest provocation and for fear of being injured, most loved ones, friends and colleagues may be forced to distance themselves from a person like that. Besides, drug dependent individual may also perform poorly at their workplace due to manifest desire for recreational activities at the expense of productive activities. These nasty consequences are usually not enough to serve as deterrent to substance abusers to discourage their use of addictives.

Withdrawal symptoms are also telling signs of addiction. When an addict fails to use a particular drug for a certain length of time, some unpleasant effects may be experienced. These symptoms are enough to make such addicted individual to go in search of that substance which they are dependent on.

Addiction Treatment

All hope is not lost if you are currently having issue of drug addiction or know someone who does. Fortunately, there are many addiction treatment or rehabilitation centers across the United States and the world as a whole these days. However, in the choice of the right center to choose, it is important to ensure that their programs are tailored to the need of individual patients, and not generic in nature. One common part of addiction rehabilitation process is detoxification, which involves the elimination of the addictive substance from the body of abuser such that the recovery process may be completed successfully.

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