Substance Abuse


Understanding the Problem of Substance Abuse

One of the many nightmares that many people now have to deal with in modern times is substance abuse. As they say different strokes for different folks, people who become addicted to substances like alcohol, heroin or cocaine do so for a variety of reasons. Some find themselves engaged in substance abuse in a bid to deal with frustration or as a result of the desire to feel good. Some others are enticed into the habit by their curiosity or through peer influence. Whatever the reasons people start using, they end up being trapped in substance abuse; the constant truth is that it is a precarious condition that has to be seriously dealt with before it gets out of hand.

Some Addictive Substances

Substance abuse is usually the outcome of the use of different kinds of drugs with varying extent of dependence-inducing qualities. Cocaine, heroin, alcohol, barbiturates, amphetamines, ecstasy and cannabis are just some of these potentially mood-altering, dangerous and addictive substances.

Effects of Substances Abuse

These substances cause a chemical called dopamine to be released in the brain thereby causing abusers to experience the feeling of being happy; a transient happiness. It is this short term feeling of being “high” that often make some individuals to take these substances and before they know it substance addiction issues creep in. An addicted person will usually not care about the negative consequences when using addictives since he or she will no longer be able to restrain his or herself from using them. Some side effects that abusers often subject themselves and their loved ones to include hallucinations, brain injuries and hysteria.

How to Tackle Substance Abuse

Substance abuse is frowned at greatly in the society because of the side effects that not only expose the addicted individuals to dangers, but also put other people near them at risk. It is for this reason that addicts are commonly arrested in certain places. The experience is, however, not very a pleasant or comfortable one when arrested by police for substance abuse. There are times when a court would order an addicted person to undergo rehabilitation in a treatment facility. But, due to the inherent element of force, such a measure often fails to achieve its intended purpose.

It is important to realize that substance abuse is a psychological problem that cannot just be dealt with simply through the use of force. This is why we have many rehabilitation centers around these days set up with the aim of helping addicts break the vicious cycle of dependency on substances. At these centers, patients are afforded the opportunity of having access to trained professionals who will provide a guide on how to eliminate the substance abuse problem. Counseling is part of the treatment that substance abusers are provided at treatment facilities. It is important to do this so that patients can be made to realize what they have been doing wrong and those factors that are behind their use of the substances so that they can do enough to deal with them once fully rehabilitated.