OxyContin Addiction Treatment Options

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Oxycontin Addiction Symptoms

The symptoms of Oxycontin abuse are signs of a serious problem. One thing with Oxycontin addiction is that the drug is highly addictive. And yet Oxycontin is one of the most potent opiate analgesic drugs, often prescribed for patients having pain issues. It is actually the brand name of a synthetic opiate, whose major active ingredient is oxycodone. Some individuals make use of it not because they intend treating any pain issues, but more because of the euphoric effects that they hope to get from using it. As a result of this, some Oxycontin addiction symptoms could arise with some highly worrisome consequences.

Due to its very powerful nature, Oxycontin is only available as a controlled medication, which means you cannot buy it without getting a prescription. It is however among the choice drugs that doctors often prescribe to people dealing with chronic pain issues as well as to cancer patients. As with most other opioid-based drugs, some individuals make use of Oxycontin for entirely different reasons because of its mood altering effects. Such persons use the drug so as to deal with mental anxiety and bring about a state of euphoria. In order to achieve this, abusers will usually circumvent the time release mechanism of the drug by crushing, chewing or injecting it. What this people fail to realize is the problems they are putting themselves into by doing this, and will only get the reality check with the onset of Oxycontin addiction symptoms, which could be very debilitating.

What are Oxycontin Addiction’s Symptoms?

There are several symptoms that may be noticed resulting from addiction to Oxycontin. One of such is respiratory depression. This is a short-term effect of the drug usually characterized by slow and shallow breathing. When this happens, the various vital organs of the abuser are deprived of essential oxygen. The danger in this is that it could turn out fatal in case of a respiratory arrest occurring.

There are also some other worrisome Oxycontin addiction symptoms which are equally as dangerous, embarrassing or uncomfortable. Addicts of the drug may also experience such symptoms as nausea, vomiting, tiredness, slow heart rate and confusion. Abdominal convulsions, tiny pupils and seizures are also possible fallouts of addiction to Oxycontin.

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There is also a mental dimension to the Oxycontin addiction symptoms. People who are dependent on the drug will often exhibit a detached demeanor. Those that were previously considered as important in their lives all of a sudden lose value in their sight, thereby leading to weakening of interpersonal relationships. At the same time, the addicts will often run into financial and legal issues, among other problems, because of their habit.

Breaking the Habit

Because of these unpleasant Oxycontin addiction symptoms, addicts or their loved ones may start considering the option of breaking the unhealthy habit. Most times, however, abusers often find it hard getting rid of their addiction problem because of some equally uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms like muscle spasms, heart palpitation, stomach cramping and vomiting. It is best to seek the assistance of professionals when contemplating getting rid of Oxycontin addiction.

OxyContin Addiction has Reached Epidemic Proportions in North America

OxyContin addiction has become the biggest drug addiction problem in North America. And even though there are thousands of lawsuits against the manufacture it continues to be prescribed by most doctors. This drug turns family men and women who have never had addiction problems into crazed addicts. OxyContin has destroyed and killed many young people who are unaware of its extreme addictive nature. The more you use, the more you have to use.

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Addiction and the Body

All drugs stay in the cells of the body for 6-7 years, they are out of the urine in a matter of days, but stay in the cells of the body for 6-7 years. Therefore the more you use the more you have to use.

Drugs are one of the biggest problems in today’s society; many people are destroying their lives because of drug use. This is a serious problem as the drug-use rates are increasing, affecting families and even communities. There are many narcotic drugs used for the treatment of pain, many of them creating dependence. OxyContin is one of them. Its opiate-like effect, extremely similar to that of morphine, makes it highly addictive.

Oxycodone is found under trade names such as OxyContin, Supeudol, Endocet or Oxycocet. Percocet, for example, is a pain reliever which contains oxycodone in combination with ASA and which has been on the pain reliever drug market for many years. OxyContin started being marketed about ten years ago, with the approval of Health Canada, as a long acting pain reliever, in the form of tablets anywhere between 10mg and 80mg per tablet. People soon discovered that, OxyContin would offer a heroin-like effect if the tablet was inhaled or injected after being crushed or chewed. Because of its effect and the fact that mostly poor people abused this drug, OxyContin is also known as “Hillbilly Heroin”.

Statistics regarding OxyContin

In 2003 alone, there were well over a few million prescriptions for oxycodone drugs; the most popular brand being OxyContin. As a result, according to CTV.ca, there were more than 100 deaths that year due to oxycodone usage in Ontario and Toronto alone, where most of the drugs were prescribed. Between 1999 and 2004, forensic scientists have found out that, there has been a five to six-fold increase in deaths due to oxycodone, from 1.39 per million annually in 1999 to 7.17 per million in 2004.

Because of the increased number of deaths due to OxyContin use, in 2004, in the Atlantic Provinces, a task force was set up in order to warn the citizens about the health risks that OxyContin posed, especially in Ontario and Toronto. They started campaigns that warn people of the addiction risks, most of them being youth education campaigns. Although deaths blamed on OxyContin were increasing year by year, the number of prescriptions for the painkiller had tripled in only five years (2003 to 2008).

Laws Suits Against Manufacture of OxyContin

The drug was promoted in Canada though it had a high addiction risk. For that, drug makers Purdue Pharma and other company executives were found guilty of misbranding which is a criminal offence. They admitted that they have lied about the risks that were involved when taking OxyContin and that they promoted the drug although they new about the addiction risks. They were charged with more than $600 million. The Newfoundland and Labrador government is desperately trying to get back the millions of dollars spent treating oxycodone addicts, by suing Purdue Pharma.

An recovering addict tells us that the drug made him feel better, but that after a while the addiction started to grow and he started feeling that he needed the painkiller not only to get rid of the pain. By the time he realized that the drug changed him, he was addicted and had to get help.

More about OxyContin Addiction

Oxycontin is also a very popular drug in Canada. Its heroin like effect makes it very popular, especially because of its cheap price, being also known as “Hillbilly Heroin”. OxyContin was first introduced as a painkiller several years ago. Percocet, for example, was commercialized as a pain reliever. Percocet contains oxycodone in small doses. Oxycodone is a addictive drug, made to be used as an alternative to morphine. OxyContin started being marketed ten years ago, and since then it has been responsible for many deaths. In 2003 there were 2.3 million prescriptions for OxyContin and oxycodone containing drugs. Though 1.39 per million died annually in 1999 because of OxyContin usage, the painkiller wasn’t taken off the market. The mortality rates kept going higher until it reached 7.17 per million in 2004. Only then did people start to realize the threat.
There are thousands of OxyContin addicts out there. Many of them have become addicted because of medical errors, doctors prescribing these painkillers to ease the pain of their patients and without knowing how addictive they truly are. Purdue Pharma, the producer of OxyContin has admitted that the drug is very addictive and that they knew about this. For that, they have been charged with more than $600 million, though the damage is much greater. Many people now struggle in rehab facilities, trying to get rid of the addiction that is controlling them.

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