Meth Addiction

Successful ways to overcome Meth Drug Addiction

Meth Addiction: teenaged girl snorting meth

Facts on Meth Addiction and Its’ Deadly Consequences

Meth addiction often kills its users. Methamphetamine, also simply referred to as meth, is a highly addictive drug that induces the brain to produce a chemical substance called dopamine. The drug is often used to increase concentration level, alertness, energy and induce feeling of euphoria. The euphoric or “high” effect that meth has on the mind of addicts can be traced to the surge in the levels of dopamine released by the brain when the substance is abused. Meth addiction kicks in at a later stage as abusers take more of the drug to be able to get the brain to release a dopamine amount that can produce the “high” effect they are after.

Meth Addiction: before and after

One of the Worst Epidemics in North America

Different kinds of addictions have somewhat become endemic in the United States and some other countries today. People have become slaves to a variety of addictions with one of them being methamphetamine addiction. Addictions have ruined the lives of many people that have been unfortunate enough to use addictive substances. One of the more worrisome facts about methamphetamine is that it can somewhat be produced illegally by users as elements needed for its production can be easily obtained from stores.

Meth Addiction: Another young woman whose life was devasted by meth - before and after pictures of a young woman who became addicted to Meth

Breaking Free of Methamphetamine Addiction

As an abuser of this drug or a loved one will attest to, with meth their lives are usually never the same again. Even a few hours without indulging in their illegal and dangerous habit would become comparable to being in hell to them; they have become totally dependent.

At first the meth user is seeking the ‘high’. After the ‘high’ wears off, they begin to become uncomfortable and agitated. They experience increasingly severe withdrawal symptoms to the point that all they can think about is how to get more meth. As their tolerance to the drug builds, they need more and more to achieve even a brief high. Soon,they need ever increasing, and ever more dangerous amounts of the drug to stave off the horrors of withdrawal.

When one thinks about the harmful effects of methamphetamine addiction, it makes sense to see if there is a way out of the vicious cycle. Excessive intake of the substance can lead to acute hallucinations, tooth decay, weight loss, cardiovascular damage and even death.

Forget the Denial and Get on With Life

Some people suffering from Methamphetamine addiction will often fail to accept the graveness of their situation preferring to treat it as being trivial. It is important for an addict to realize that he or she has a problem that demands for urgent solution before any help can be sought. It is only when a meth abuser is able to accept this fact that they can think about seeking treatment.

Ways Out of Meth Addiction

Not to worry, if you are looking for a way out of your meth addiction, help is available. There are several meth rehab centers spread across the country from where addicts can get assistance in putting their lives on the right footing again. These rehab centers are manned with trained professionals with vast experience in assisting patients getting rid of their addiction problems. When it comes to making a choice of treatment facility to consult, it is better to pick one that employs natural treatment method in the process of rehabilitating addicts. It is very important to select a facility very well experienced with minimizing the withdrawal symptoms, as these can be very severe and extremely uncomfortable to the recovering addict. The best facilities help meth addicts withdraw with minimal, and easily managed symptoms.

Ideally, meth rehabilitation centers are expected to help individuals detect the factors driving their addiction problem, while also assisting in addressing those underlying issues for effective recovery. This is much unlike some others that will simply focus on the negative behaviors being exhibited by addicts without paying attention to underlying problems.

Methamphetamine Addiction Symptoms – What are they?

Methamphetamine, also referred to simply as Crystal Meth, is a very popular among drug abusers and oddly enough it is used by very successful people. The drug is called Crystal Meth because of its crystalline structure, and it goes under a variety of street names such as cristy and icy. Being an extremely addictive drug, abusers unwittingly often subject themselves to methamphetamine addiction symptoms because of their unhealthy habit.

Methamphetamine – What about it?

Meth has been around for over hundred years with a lot of research already carried out because of its addictive nature. After methamphetamine has been taken, it gets down to working on the user’s central nervous system, causing the neurotransmitters dopamine and norepinephrine to be released in the brain. Dopamine is known to be responsible for the euphoric feeling that abusers experience with norepinephrine playing a backup role while also causing mood changes at the same time. Those who use this drug do so by smoking, snorting or injecting it in order to experience this “rush” euphoric effect or the “high.”

Methamphetamine Addiction

Addiction to this drug has become a really troubling phenomenon in the world today, especially in the West. This condition is usually characterized by a somewhat irresistible and intense urge to use methamphetamine. This is as a result of meth’s high tolerance. Individuals that have reached the level of addiction will habitually find it rather hard to see the dangers they are putting themselves into by their actions and they can not see themselves as the broken down individuals that they have become.

Methamphetamine Addiction Symptoms

Once an individual has become addicted to this drug, there are some methamphetamine addiction symptoms or signs that may become noticeable. One of these indicators is extreme dependency on the drug. What I mean in this regard is the fact that addicts usually feel the need to use methamphetamine regularly. This is also discernible in the belief of such people that they are not completely all right until they have taken meth.

Further, these methamphetamine addiction symptoms also have a physical dimension to them. Abusers may experience such symptoms as bloodshot eyes, paranoia, frequent scratching of the skin, skin damage and insomnia. It is also common for such individuals to become pale, suffer tooth decay and experience disturbing weight loss. Hallucinations are also part of these terrifying symptoms.

These methamphetamine addiction symptoms do not end there. Addicts also tend to become detached as they will lose interest in people, things or activities that they previously had interest in before they engaged themselves in the use of the substance. Irritability, despair and depression are also among the symptoms that may be exhibited by addicts.

Beating the Addiction

Thankfully, methamphetamine can be fully dealt with provided the right steps are taken. There are rehab centers where addicts can go to and get attended to by experts who can create special treatment programs to meet their needs. The process toward recovery usually begins with detoxification so as to ensure that methamphetamine leftovers in a patient’s body are eliminated for full recovery to be feasible. It is always advisable to use the services of rehab professionals when trying to break any addiction.