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About Drug Addiction Treatment – Our Drug Rehab Services

More and more people are finding it increasingly difficult and challenging to get an addicted person into a drug rehab. This makes them feel like they are doing something wrong by not being able to find the proper drug rehab for their loves ones. Nothing could be further from the truth. The truth of the matter is that there is more focus on simply prescribing a ‘medicine’ rather than helping the person to successfully overcome their substance abuse with a drug rehab program.

Drug replacement vs. Overcoming Addiction with Drug rehabilitation

There are more and more legal ways to become and stay addicted with the help of doctors. Young people who have no life experience or life skills and therefore turn to the professionals for help. Instead of helping them, the addicted individual is recommend and prescribed ‘medicines’. This drug replacement approach has proven over and over not help anyone and is only done for personal profit. Mothers are shocked about how quickly doctors prescribe something instead of actually helping.

Methadone clinics make billions a year selling methadone legally. Let me ask you; would give someone vodka in order to get to stop drinking beer? Of course not! So why are drugs used to ‘help’ people with addictions.

Just a couple of these drugs used to address drug addiction are; methadone and suboxine. Both of which are strong drugs and shift the income form street drugs to pharmaceuticals. Then there are the psychiatric ones that really mess with a person’s head such as anti-depressants. No one bothers to listen to the warning from the manufactures which state that anti-depressants actually increase depression and suicide.

Sleep Aids that kill

Then there are all sorts of seemingly harmless sounding ‘sleep aids’. Most of the time they turn out to actually be benzodiazepines (benzos) and really mess the person up mentally and many die after taking these.

People always ask me; why? Why do doctors do this knowing full well that the person not only has an addiction problem but the medicines themselves are harmful? The answer is; because it’s a multi billion dollar a year industry and much more profitable than street drugs that’s why.

Some doctors try to avoid taking responsibility for their actions by saying that they didn’t know that the person had an addiction problem. To this I say, “you must be a pretty bad doctor not to be able to tell when a person has a substance abuse problem, I can tell a mile away by a person’s skin tone, by their restless behavior, by their pupils…etc. so as a doctor you would think that they have even more tools to determine addiction such as a urine test that takes 15 minutes to administer.

Good Drug Rehab programs

We will help you find a good drug rehabilitation facility. A rehab center with a high success rate; and that does not use any kinds of drugs. This then actually achieves a complete rehabilitation. And we will educate you on the right things to do and the wrong things to do when choosing a drug rehab and how not to fall into the revolving door of switching substances but actually handling addiction once and for all.

Drug Rehabs and Intervention help

We can also assist you with arranging an intervention. When a person does not want help or the family feels that they can not get the addicted person into a good rehab program an intervention is the best option. Some of the drug rehab experts will recommend waiting until the addict hits rock bottom. This is not good advice and waiting is always the wrong thing to do. Take action and help the addict regain their life. Call us for help with a professional interventionist we can recommend good intervention professionals that get the job done.