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If you or someone close to you is in need of rehabilitation, we can assist you in finding drug rehab programs that are effective. Should you wait for the addict to ‘hit rock bottom’ before going to a drug rehab? No, you should not wait; there are many bottoms to rock bottom and waiting for it before getting them into a good drug rehab program it is not the way to go.

We can help you to locate the best drug rehab

There are actual solutions to handling drug addiction and finding a drug rehab program that offer real rehab help is possible. Some may tell you that drug addiction is a state that you can't change and that rehab help only offers a method of controlling the problem. This is not true and achieving full drug rehabilitation is possible from a drug rehab program that has real solutions.

There are many drug rehab programs that handle drug addiction with different drugs or as some call them ‘medicines’ but the only successful methods are those that do not use any replacement drugs, not even sleep aids.

Drug Rehab through the bio-physical Method

All of us have natural chemicals that the body produces to create the feeling of happiness in the brain. Heavy drugs like cocaine, meth, heroin and pain pills change these normal processes of happiness and once gone, heavy depression sets in. This causes the user to use again and again, but the user needs to take more of the drug to get high as the body is saturated with drugs.

Depression and vitamins

Harmful toxins, like drugs, are stored in the fatty tissue of the body as a method of getting the drugs out of the blood stream. These stored toxins can reside in the tissue for long periods of time, even as long as 6-7 years. The problem with this is that after an addict makes an effort to stop taking the drugs, the toxins are released into the blood stream creating cravings, depression or even drug experiences. In more advanced drug rehab programs, the addict sweats out the toxins in a sauna. And takes specific vitamins which rid the person of depression and finally helps him or her to be able to get some sleep.

Student of life at a drug rehab

Using a sauna to remove the drugs from an addict's body is part of the bio-physical method. This method is not use and other replacement drugs but only uses vitamins, exercise and good nutrition to help the addict have a much better chance of beating their addiction. The body is able to restore much faster to its natural state using this method of rehab. An addict enrolled in this style of drug rehab program is called a student as they study courses to restore social skills, and more importantly they gain life skills. As well as insight into addiction and regain the ability to be a productive and happy member of the community.

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These drug rehab programs use social educational classes to restore or build life skills to make the individual a healthy and productive member of society. The Drug Rehab Program using this method has a success rate of over 80%. Therefore it makes sense to choose this type of drug treatment programs and they are usually recommended for the drug addictions of the current society.

Drug Rehab through the 12 Steps

These type of drug rehab programs have a low success rate approximately a 5 to 10 percent The 12 steps drug rehab program has slowly evolved into Narcotics Anonymous and Cocaine Anonymous from its original name, Alcoholics Anonymous.

The founders of Alcoholics Anonymous were two alcoholics who got together in an effort to handle their addiction in 1934. This program has helped some of people beat alcohol addiction in the past. The group therapy inpatient is the main technology used today in drug rehabs across the country. For drugs like cocaine, heroin and pain pills this same 12 steps method is being used for these addictions, however not very successfully as it basically turns out to be ‘the blind leading the blind’.

Drug Rehab through Behavior Modification Programs

This form of drug rehab program is mainly used on teens that have disconnected from the family and are on a path of self-destruction. Because they have yet to fully establish there own sense of right and wrong this, technique is used to slam in to them that they are causing harm to themselves and the family. The teen is berated by his family and peers until they break down into grief. There is a low success rate with this "rehab program" and very few drug rehab centers use this technique. Young people having addiction problems at an early age don’t acquire any life skills and that’s what they really need.

Drug Rehab through Long Term Religious Methods

This type of rehab help is called long term because of its 1 to 2 year stay on an isolated farm way, way out on the country side. Moving an addict out of his environment is a good step in all forms of drug rehab but keeping any one on a farm for that period of time is difficult. Many addicts leave the program before it is completed which makes it difficult to establish the actual success rate but those who do complete have a 30-40 percent success of staying off hard drugs.

Drug Rehab Treatment Centers

Talk about drug rehabs, otherwise known as drug rehabilitation centers, is very common these days, and rightly so. Drug use and alcohol consumption has created serious issues today in the lives of some people that use them. If the problem of addiction to these substances is left untreated, it has the tendency to direct the lives of persons affected to a totally different and harmful direction. It is in order to avert this kind of outcome that drug rehab is usually recommended for people battling with drug addiction.

Addiction to alcohol or other highly addictive drugs is a really tough issue. Why did I say that? You see, when an individual is addicted, they often find out that there is little they can do on their own without seeking professional assistance. What could be identified as being responsible for the difficulty in effort to stop taking alcohol or drug is the fear of withdrawal symptoms. The discomfort, both physical and mental, that these addicts have come to associate with the process of leaving their lives of addiction often scare them enough to prevent them from considering drug rehab. When talking about the problem of addiction as well as the remedies available for it, some points have to be clearly articulated.

Some available options for rehabilitation.

Addiction is not Exactly Same as Substance Abuse

Some people often come to the conclusion that addiction and substance abuse can be used interchangeably. It is common to see the two being used one for another. In technical term, however, they are better used differently. Substance abuse simply refers to the use of prescription drugs without seeking a doctor's advice, or taking more than the prescribed dose for treating a condition. Addiction goes further, or is more problematic, than substance abuse. It refers to instances of individuals taking certain drugs compulsively even when there are no genuine underlying reasons or need for doing so.

Drug Rehab is not Synonymous with Detoxification

Just as some people think that drug abuse and addiction are the same, so do some others take detoxification to be synonymous with drug rehab. But in actual fact, drug detoxification is simply a sort of short-term precursor to drug rehab, which lasts longer. The aim of drug detoxification is to help addicts pass through the withdrawal process without being discouraged by the symptoms that could come up. Drug rehab proper then follows to help take effective care of the problems that addiction might have caused in the lives of patients and set them on the right path again.

The importance of drug rehab cannot be over-emphasized as it is a means of getting rid of unnecessary and unhealthy addiction. The process is best carried out under the supervision of experts at facilities for addiction treatment. This is important because it is a possibility that cannot be totally ruled out that an individual, who has fully recovered from his or her addiction problem, might suffer a relapse into it. But with the assistance of a standard alcohol treatment center, such a relapse may somewhat easily be averted.

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